Ψαράς με φρέσκα ψάρια στο δίχτι και ψάρια στο πάγο

Freezing time still so you get your fish within minutes of being caught

“Fresh” is a promise you hear often when it comes to seafood, because there’s nothing like fish just out of the sea. The catch becomes  a frozen product on board within very short time after being caught, keeping in this way the sea freshness unchanged all the way to the market. This is the case with us. Our four freeze-on-board fishing vessels almost exclusively in Greece, have state-of-the-art freezing facilities that cool and freeze catches to 0oC, -25oC and -40oC. This process perfectly preserves their nutritional value, consistency and taste. They can be defrosted in minutes, effortlessly offering seafood minutes from being caught.