Αλιευτικό σκάφος και κόκκινα ψάρια σε χώρο αποθήκευσης

With time
and investment,
we’ve perfected
our art

Four decades ago two friends were born into Greek families with a long and proud fishing background in the most active fishing port in the Balkans. With such roots, fishing has become our life and greatest instinct, an instinct to know when and where to fish and get the best out of the sea we have spent all of our lives fishing.

Hand in hand with our instincts, we have invested heavily as technology has improved and now boast a fleet of 5 of the best-equipped vessels in Greece that fish between 700 and 1100 tons per year and have the rare freeze-on-board function.

A red-carpet fond farewell at our processing facilities

We have invested heavily in our own processing facilities and their high-tech cleaning and refrigeration systems. We prepare and package each order carefully to confidently guarantee it arrives at its destination in immaculate shape.