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Welcome to MSG Group
– the best and freshest the Mediterranean has to offer, perfectly preserved until your clients are ready to enjoy it.

The sea’s in
our blood

Our long and proud fishing history means that we have developed an instinct to know when and where to fish and get the best out of the sea we have spent most of our lives fishing.

hand picked

Everything we offer you has been carefully hand picked, washed and packed. From the moment our experienced fisherman haul the catch in using the vessel’s powerful winches, they get to work, carefully seperating each kind of fish and hand selecting them. Whatever is immature or unsuitable is put back in the sea.

time still

“Fresh” is a promise you hear often when it comes to fish and a prized claim too, because there's nothing like the taste of fish just out of the sea.

Only minutes

Not only is it true that you can have a reliable supply of our fish delivered “minutes” from being caught, but you can also begin ordering them within minutes of reading about us here!

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Four decades ago two friends were born into Greek families with a long and proud fishing tradition in one of the most active fishing ports in the Balkans. Fishing became their life and greatest instinct.

Improving technology and belief in their instincts gave them the opportunity to expand their fleet and establish a processing plant to cater for every possible need of their clients.

These instincts have grown hand in hand with our technical knowledge and experience of fishing vessels, equipment and the kind of maintenance they need. The result is that we now boast a fleet of 5 of the best sea worthy and equipped vessels in Greece, that fish between 700 and 1100 tonnes per year.

Without delay, they transfer the selected fish to the processing compartment on board where they are thoroughly washed and packed in suitable containers and are refrigerated or frozen immediately.

The truth though, is that most fish spend two or three days at processing plants before getting to market.
That is not the case with us.

Four out of our five vessels, almost exclusively in Greece, have state-of-the-art processing and freezing facilities that literally stop time so the fish can be delivered to you within “minutes” of being caught. Our on board freezing facilities are not only spacious but deep freeze whatever we catch to make sure its freshness is perfectly preserved.

We are already exporting to Europe, America and Asia, and have an established network of distributors ready to offer you a reliable supply of the Mediterranean’s best and freshest.

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