Spiny Lobster

Code Name :   SLO

Scientific Name :   Palinurus elephas

Spiny Lobster classification :  Arthropoda (phylum), Crustacea (subphylum), Palinuridae (family).

The Spiny Lobster, also known as Crayfish, is quite common in the Mediterranean Sea.  It lives on rocky exposed coasts below the intertidal zone, at depth range that vary from 5 to 400 m, usually at depths of 20 to 70 m.

Palinurus elephas may reach up to 60 cm long, although rarely longer than 40 cm.  The adults are reddish-brown with yellow spots.  The carapace is slightly compressed and lacks lateral ridges.  It is covered with forward pointing spines, with the supra-orbital spines prominent.  The antennae are very heavy and spiny.  Their flagellum is tapering and is even longer than the body.  The first walking leg (pereopod) is provided with subchela (the distal end of a limb developed as a prehensile structure).  The fourth segment (merus) of this leg has a characteristic row of spines.

The breeding season is in September and October, with the female brooding the reddish eggs.  These eggs hatch about six months later in the spring as flattened, leaf-shaped, planktonic larvae (phyllosoma larvae).

It is nocturnal and feeds on small worms, crabs or dead animals, hiding in rock crevices or caves during the day.

The main populations of the species are confined to the south and west coasts of the British Isles, south to the Azores, the western Mediterranean, Adriatic Sea and the Aegean Sea.

The species is legendary for its exquisite taste and high position around the world of chefs. This makes it one of the most sought after delicacy dishes in all kitchens.       

All quantities caught by our fleet come to the factory where, together with the quantities supplied by other fellow fishermen, are processed to quick freezing, and this makes it a Blue Basket fresh frozen product.


Blue Basket Product
Available Size:
  •           0 ~    200    gr / pc
  •   200 ~    300    gr / pc
  •   300 ~    400    gr / pc
  •   400 ~    600    gr / pc
  •   600 ~    800    gr / pc
  •   800 ~  1200    gr / pc
Available Package Weight:


  •   2   kg (polystyrene box)
  •   5   kg (polystyrene box)


  • 1    kg (iqf Pe/Pa bag)
  • 2    kg (iqf Pe/Pa bag)
  • 1½ kg (carton box)
  • 2    kg (carton box)
  • 2    kg (vacuum block)
  • 4    kg (vacuum block)
  • 5    kg (vacuum block)
Also available in
Fishing zone

FAO 37  Mediterranean Sea
FAO 37.3.1  Aegean Sea

Available quantity

0  kg

Storage temp.

-18 °C  and below  (in freezer)