Soldier Striped Shrimp (AZUL) or Pandalid shrimp

Code Name :   LKW

Scientific Name :   Plesionika Edwardsii

Soldier Striped Shrimp (Pantalidae shrimp) classification: Arthropoda (phylum), Crustacea (subphylum) and Pantalidae (family).

The Pandalid shrimp Plesionika edwardsii is a cosmopolitan species distributed in tropical and subtropical areas. In the Mediterranean, this species is common in the western basin, whereas it has been found in smaller populations in the eastern basin. It occurs on the deepest shelf and continental slope, generally between 150 and 600 m depth, although it has been found in a wider range between 50 to 850 m.

In the central Mediterranean Sea, the species is one of the most important commercial shrimps, occurring sporadically in the catch of vessels that trawl on the continental slope for highly prized crustaceans such as pink shrimp Parapenaeus longirostris and Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus. In recent years, new artisanal fishing activities aimed at catching Pandalidae shrimp and P. edwardsii have been developing in various marine areas. The gear used is composed of multiple shrimp traps left during the night on deeper shelf and slope bottoms. The species is also distributed in the eastern Mediterranean and along the Aegean coasts, where the depth distribution of the species is well known, although the knowledge of its biology and abundance is scarce. This shrimp will likely represent a new target species for fishery in this region and, in this perspective, knowledge of its biological parameters is of paramount importance.

As members of the order Decapoda are mostly gonochoric. Mating behavior: Precopulatory courtship ritual is common (through olfactory and tactile cues); usually indirect sperm transfer.

Longevity was estimated to be around 3.5 years for both sexes.

The species is caught in out nets throughout the year, in quantities and sizes that vary depending on the fishing area, the fishing depth and the time of the year. The product is available in two conditions: fresh and as an Aegean Harvest brand (frozen-on-board). 

aegean harvest product image
Available Size:
  • Νο 1 :    50 ~    90 pcs / kg
  • No 2 :   90 ~   110 pcs / kg
  • No 3 :  110 ~ 120 pcs / kg
  • No 4 :  60 ~    80 pcs / kg
  • No 5 : 140 +               pcs / kg
Available Package Weight:


  •   2   kg (polystyrene box)
  •   5   kg (polystyrene box)


  • 1    kg (iqf Pe/Pa bag)
  • 2    kg (iqf Pe/Pa bag)
  • 1½ kg (carton box)
  • 2    kg (carton box)
  • 2    kg (vacuum block)
  • 4    kg (vacuum block)
  • 5    kg (vacuum block)
Fishing zone

FAO. 37  Mediterranean Sea
FAO. 37.3.1  North Aegean Sea

Available quantity

0 kg

Storage temp.

-18 °C  and below (in freezer)