Musky octopus

Code Name :   OCM

Scientific Name :   Eledone spp (Eledone moschata, Eledone cirrhosa)

Musky octopus classification : Molluscα (phylum), Cephalopoda (class), Eledonidae (family).

Observations on year round trawl fishing, covering depths between 20 and 500 m in the Aegean Sea, have shown that the spatial distribution of the 2 species Eledone cirrhosa and Eledone moschata was uneven. Eledone cirrhosa was found in all depths of the northern part, but it was very seldom in the south, whereas Eledone moschata has a basin-wide distribution and solely inhabits the upper 200- m depth range. 

The two closely related species can me distinguished by a number of features, with the most significant the skin and the odour. Eledone moschata has smooth skin and smells of musk, while Eledone cirrhosa has warty skin and no musky odour.

This small species has a head smaller than the body, with protruding eyes. The eight tentacles are relatively short and have one row of suckers. The third right arm (called Hectocotylus) is specialized to store and transfer spermatophores to the female. The basic color of the body is gray-brown, with dark, brown to blackish spots.

The musky octopus occurs on the sandy bottoms of the continental platform and usually lives burrowed into sediments.

The largest recorded musky octopus was a male with mantle length of 18,8 cm, a total length of 74 cm and a mass of 1,4 kg, caught in northeast Aegean Sea.

Eledone moschata feeds on a wide variety of crustaceans, molluscs and fish. Crustaceans are preferred, but also a number of small fish such as sardines, anchovies, red mullets, etc., are among its prey.

The species is caught in out nets throughout the year, in quantities and sizes that vary depending on the fishing area, the fishing depth and the time of the year. The product is available in two conditions: fresh and as a Blue Basket brand (fresh-frozen).

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FAO. 37  Mediterranean Sea
FAO. 37.3.1  North Aegean Sea

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2 - 6 °C in refrigerator (fresh catch)
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