Red mullet

Code Name :   MUT

Scientific Name :   Mullus barbatus

Cuttlefish classification : Chordata (phylum), Actinopterygii (class), Perciformes (order), Mullidae (family).

Mullus barbatus (red mullet) is a species of goatfish found in the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, the Black Sea and the eastern North Atlantic Ocean, where its range extends from Scandinavia to Senegal. Also known in Canary Islands and Azores.

It is a demersal species and is found on gravel, sand and mud bottoms of the continental shelf. The species is found within a depth range from 10 to 300 m, usually between 100 to 300 m and sometimes up to depth of 328 in the eastern Ionian Sea. The Red Mullet feeds on small benthic crustaceans, worms and mollusks.

The maximum length reported is 33,2 cm, with common length of 20 cm. Maximum published weight 680 gr.

They are fished, mostly by trawling, with the flesh being well regarded, and they are marketed mainly fresh.

The species is caught in out nets throughout the year, in quantities and sizes that vary depending on the fishing area, the fishing depth and the time of the year. The product is available in two conditions: fresh and as a Blue Basket brand (fresh-frozen).

Blue Basket Product
Available Size:
  • Κ A :     13   pcs / kg
  • Κ B :      22  pcs / kg
  • Κ C  :    45   pcs / kg
Available Package Weight:


  •   2   kg (polystyrene box)
  •   5   kg (polystyrene box)


  • 1    kg (iqf Pe/Pa bag)
  • 2    kg (iqf Pe/Pa bag)
  • 1½ kg (carton box)
  • 2    kg (carton box)
  • 2    kg (vacuum block)
  • 4    kg (vacuum block)
  • 5    kg (vacuum block)
Also available in
Fishing zone

FAO. 37  Mediterranean Sea
FAO. 37.3.1  North Aegean Sea

Available quantity

0 kg

Storage temp.

-18 °C  and below (in freezer)