Code Name :   CTC

Scientific Name :   Sepia officinalis

Cuttlefish classification : Molluscα (phylum), Cephalopoda (class), Sepiidae (family).

Sepia officinalis is a demersal marine organism, categorized as a “shallow water cephalopod”, occurring predominantly on sandy or muddy substrates. Its habitat ranges from the coastline to about 200 m depth, but most abundant in the upper 100 m, with the larger individuals found in the in the deeper part of the range. Members of this species follow seasonal migrations, mainly vertical. They spend spring and summer in inshore waters, then migrate to depths of 100 m to 200 m during autumn and winter.

Sepia officinalis has separate male and female sexes. In the spring and summer, male and females migrate to shallow, warmer waters to spawn. Spawning occurs throughout the year, with peaks at water temperatures from 13° to 15°C. In the  Mediterranean, a first major spawning peak occurs by big adults between April and July, and  a second minor spawning peak of medium and small-sized individuals in late summer and early autumn. Females deposit clusters of eggs on seaweed, shells, and other substrate along the seafloor. Eggs measure 6 to 9 mm in diameter, hatching after about 2 months, or 30-90 days, depending on water temperature. Once hatched, the young Sepia officinalis have a total length of 50 mm.

Sepia officinalis measures up to 45 cm in mantle length. Maximum weights are between 2 kg (subtropic areas) and 4 kg (temperate areas). The largest recorded individual reached a mantle length of 60 cm. The mantle houses reproductive and digestive organs, as well an internal shell called the cuttlebone. The cuttlebone shape is oblong with a rounded posterior end and an anterior end that tapers to a point.

Cuttlefish only have a lifespan of 1–2 years and have many predators including sharks, dolphins, seals, fish, and cephalopods which includes other cuttlefish.

During the day, most cuttlefish can be found buried below the substrate and fairly inactive. At night however, they are actively

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